Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The End

looking down the path
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I'm glad I can still learn a thing or two. I would have enjoyed the whole process more if I wasn't bogged down with programming. My learning style does not suit this type of learning so well. Perhaps if I was of another generation it would be more my thing.

As one can tell I have enjoyed using Flicker. All learning is valuable. I might have preferred to choose from the 23 Thins those that I was most interested in and in need of learning, and spent more time with those.

Now, I must get out to my Shade Songs and Glad Rock before everything freezes ~~~


Boston Public Library
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After creating my account I found my searches frustrating, even with advance search. I never seemed to get the results I desired. This is a tasks I need to try again, because unlike many of the 23 things, customers may have the same issues I had.


Read to dogs
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Podcast was word of the year 2005 - boy do I feel behind the times!
I went to Podcastallley.com There I found Book Bites For Kids.
This is another place I needed more time for searching.

You Tube

I found a squirrel obstacle course clip that was kind of funny. Spending much time here seemed kind of like a waste of time, but, I could see where you could easily get caught up in endless searching.

Awards List

Airplane Sunset
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I went to the travel sites. Farecast.com was a bit messy looking, but did have a lot of info. Rated #2 was Kayak - they had a greater selection of travels modes and options. For sure some help at these sites. I'm interested in going back and checking out other Awards.

Word Processing

Vintage Typewriter Keys
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I checked out zoho writer. It was pretty straightforward. I would have been more pleased if the fonts selection actually appeared as they would be in the text, always a grip I have. That is half the fun for me.